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Watch the movie about a young boy, in an effort to have a normal childhood in 1980’s El Salvador, is caught up in a dramatic fight for his life as he desperately tries to avoid the war which is raging all around him.


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Hollywood Celebrities Drinking Bulletproof Coffee

We were in Hollywood, CA to meet up with some old friends in the movie industry recently. You got to love this little place on earth, it is so unique and ever changing with the latest fad. Celebrities are always quick to take up a new way to dress, a new way to workout, and of course a new way to eat and drink to look fit,healthy and not over weight.

Well it looks like the new trend is to ditch the carbs and eat more fat. Yup, we have seen it with our own eyes people ordering high fat foods and even drinking the stuff!

Some big stars like Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold actor on Entourage), Ed Sheeran (British musician) and Jimmy Fallon (The Anchor for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon) have all started putting butter in their coffee. Yup, good old real yellow butter. The trend is to drink a new way to make of coffee called, Bulletproof Coffee.

You can see and listen in on Jimmy chatting with actress Maya Rudolph during a commercial break in the video about how he loves drinking this new high fat diet coffee.

We have read here how this is a big debate if this is actually good for you in the long-term on your health. I guess these guys aren’t worried about having a heart attack since it seems butter doesn’t cause heart attacks now. So much for all the that talk from the doctors all these years it seems.

Like I said, every time you go to Los Angeles you’ll come away with a whole bunch of new ideas to do something you’ve always done different. Now this is a whole new way to make my favorite morning cup of java. I just wonder if the hotel staff will be able to accomadte me when I ask them for my Americano with a side order of butter please 🙂